Opinion-Rogério COPETO: “Heroes without cover”

Last week in Oeiras a father killed to stab his daughter 5 months and a stepfather in Loures killed his stepdaughter 2 years to blow, lying his brother 4 years hospitalized, for he too had been subjected to ill-treatment.


Lieutenant Colonel of the GNR, Master in Law and Security and Homeland Security Auditor

Head of the Education Division / Command Doctrine and Training

These two news brought once again to the agenda the issue of the protection of children and youth at risk, placing in question the system and pointing the finger at Children and Youth Protection Committees in Danger (CPCJ´s), allegedly failed to protect those children.

For the less attentive readers of this problem, It clarifies that the Law of Children and Youth in Danger Protection entered into force on 1 January 2001, day from which the current system of Protection of Children and Young People in Danger remains intact.

Throughout these 14 CPCJ's the years they have developed their daily work, guaranteeing the most basic rights to thousands of children and young people, under thousands of protecting and promoting processes that have the responsibility, running thousands of the promotion and protection measures, so that no child or young person be without the right to a family, the education, the health, the security, the Liberty, etc.

The CPCJ's conduct also numerous clarification activities among the population, giving to know what rights and duties they enjoy while parents, children and citizens concerned about the welfare of children and youth. And unfortunately all this work is rarely news.

That is why, and without question the high degree of inhumanity with which the murders were committed above, are not these cases that may jeopardize the work of hundreds of citizens who integrate CPCJ's and every day give their best in protecting our children.

Unfortunately news like last week, They are recurring and difficult to forget, so I remember here other 4 cases, There occurred precisely 10 years and also brought the issue of protection of children and young people in danger to the public square in the year 2005, as to the time it had not been made.

This year were publicized homicide 4 children, the first being the death of "Joan" of 8 year old, Portimão, killed by his mother, or second or "Vanessa" of 5 year old, do Porto, killed by her grandmother and father, the third 'Daniel' of 6 year old, Oeiras, killed by her stepfather and the fourth of "Fatima" of 2 months, Viseu, killed by her father and mother.

Also similar to what is happening with the CPCJ Loures, Also this latter case, the performance of CPCJ of Viseu was particularly challenged because, two days before the death of "Fatima", two techniques had visited their home and nothing detected, with the Minister of the warrant height protection initiate investigation into possible negligence by the CPCJ of Viseu.

Also similar to what now passes, reinforcement of promises were made of CPCJ's, as well as all those responsible came to realize the need for greater participation in CPCJ's, by institutions, including public prosecutors.

But, unfortunately, after the shock wave pass, everything back to stay the same, and ads now made in order to strengthen CPCJ's, this time with technical IPSS, after the Social Security withdrew their technicians from CPCJ's, they are forgotten.

The CPCJ's continue with the same problems, where each technician has their responsibility dozens of lawsuits, written so little seems to, but remember that each process corresponds to a child, so if questions: – What is the coach who can protect, average, 40 children simultaneously? Knowing that there are CPCJ's with the responsibility to protect thousands of children each year. It is not humanly possible, so the work of the technical, It goes beyond what is required of them, with damage to his professional and family life. Yes because all the technicians who integrate CPCJ's have their profession, which is relegated to the background in order to develop their business in CPCJ's.

Possibly, or not, due to austerity conjuncture, It reached to the current situation, and already manifested in the National Assembly, the President of the National Children and Youth at Risk Protection Commission, Councillor Judge Armando Leandro, as "emergency"And that CPCJ's are in"manifest difficulty to bring to fruition their responsibilities".

We remember that these responsibilities are to protect thousands of children and youth at risk, probably it is the highest responsibility that can assign the citizen, what with the current conditions of lack of technical, IT resources, Car, etc, It is to say that the technicians do CPCJ's literally superhero work, but without the superpowers and the cover.

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